Dry Morels (Morchella/ Guchhi) Dry Wild Black Mushroom


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Shelf Life:- 2 year from date of packing, if kept dry and the moisture content should be checked regularly. Store in dry place.

Origin: – Shimla (Himachal Pradesh,India). Premium quality fresh morels picked in the Himalayas and then dried.

Species: – Morchella esculenta.

Quality: – Managed by our quality care team Manager Mr. B.L Thakur who is in this field for the last 30 years. 80% moisture free. Great care is taken to ensure the highest quality product reaches our clint’s.

Color:- A morel of the same species may appear in various colors: reddish, gray, black, ashen, or brown. Black coloured are the best dried morels because of their bold, smoky flavor.

Morels Size of these mushrooms varies from small (5 mm) to large (100 mm). An excellent variety has a small stem with no soil or broken pieces. Dried morels must always be cooked before consuming. Morels may contain trace amounts of soil which need to be washed out. Put morels in a bowl and pour warm water to cover. Soak until soft for about 30 minute. Wash thoroughly for 7 to 9 times. Morel cannot be rubbed or brushed.

All our esteemed customers return for this excellent product year after year. We have been dealing in dried morels for the last 40 years. 95% of the produce is exported to the international market. Most expensive and valued ‘wild mushroom’ in the world, considered a very delicious and nutritive food. Morel is a high protein, zero cholesterol product highly recommended for diabetic and heart patients.

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Dry Morels

1 kg 19000, 100 gms 2000, 200 gms 4000, 300 gms 6000, 400 gms 8000, 500 gms 10000


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