Anardana ( Dry wild sour pomegranate seeds)


Brand Name:- JN Pure Anardana Shimla.
* Pure red
* Red and white (best mixture)
* White
* Black (2nd quality anardana sour)
* Pesai



The product is naturally organic and wild.
Shimla is famous for its dry wild sour pomegranate seeds. Anardana can be found on the road side trees while traveling from Shimla – Tatapani to Karsog. Local people collect the anardana fruit and the pulp remains on the seeds as they dry. There are wild jungles of anaradana and the product is organic.

Many pharmaceutical companies and food ingredient manufacturers (masala companies) are making commercial use of anardana in India. Anardana is processed for making churans, anardana goli (digestive products) and chana masala.
Khatta anardana or sour pomegranate is used as an ingredient in preparing various Indian foods. The dry anardana seed is used in India to sour chutneys. People use the spices made from the anardana to enhance the taste of salads, vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Pomegranate seeds have several health benefits. The seeds of pomegranate are used in a number of ayurvedic preparations. Dried anardana seeds are used for a delicate sweet & sour flavor.

we supply JN pure anardana best quality in bulk and is available throughout the year.

For bulk buy Packing: – 50 kg jute bag
For retail online buy we will provide best red quality

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1 kg 1000, 2 kg 2000, 3 kg 2700, 5 kg 5000


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